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Will I be able to sync my YouTube videos to Viewly?

Cross uploading is being developed as one of the first features. YouTubers and users of similar platforms will be able to sign up with their accounts and have the options to cross-post all the videos with a single click.

Will it cost money to publish on Viewly?

Uploading and publishing is free. Anyone can seed their videos for free as well.

Most creators will probably want to let seeding be done by professionals and pay some View Tokens for the privilege. The hosting providers compete with each other in a decentralized marketplace.

We believe that people should have the choice to assume the appropriate risk tolerance for themselves.

We will provide a fully transparent trail of complaints (user generated reports and DMCA notices) and their resolutions. We will also maintain a public database of all infringing content, so that the hosting providers that wish to be compliant with the local laws can do so.

Viewly (the team, the website) will not participate in hosting or propagation of politically motivated, whistle-blowing, copyrighted or other risky content.

How will you maintain censorship resistance?

Viewly (the website) will be moderated to hide infringing or inappropriate content.

Viewly (the blockchain) is immutable, and as such provides the basis for censorship resistance.

Users can use the technology to create their own communities (politics, movies, adult content), spin up their own hosting nodes and provide decentralized (Zeronet) and/or anonymized clients (Tor).

How do you large videos on a blockchain?

We don’t. The only thing stored on the blockchain is the root (hash) of the Merkle DAG, which is only a handful of bytes. This way, the integrity of the content is guaranteed. The actual video files are stored by hosting providers, as dictated by a decentralized hosting marketplace (TBA).

Is upvoting on Viewly like on Steemit?

No. While upvoting on Viewly does have an economic function, it is not like that of Steemit. For starters, we don’t plan on having a central rewards pool, which calls for a ton of unnecessary problems such as the inherent tragedy of the commons, invocation of politicking, witch-hunts, and other destructive behaviors.

On Viewly, each user has their own rewards pool. By upvoting content that you like, your pool is being distributed to the creators you liked on the pro rata basis. This is sort of like tipping, but without the attached cognitive cost.

Is Viewly a Steemit app?

Not really. While we do use the STEEM blockchain for immutable storage of merkle root hashes and the video metadata, we have no further integration plans.

The development of the economic models, as well as the decentralized hosting marketplace require a more flexible infrastructure.

Is Viewly based on Ethereum or EOS?

We have been prototyping on Ethereum, and are currently evaluating EOS as well.

How can I make money on Viewly?

Yes, we have proposed monetization models for user generated as well as commercial content. Please see the whitepaper for details.

What is the bounty program?

Our bounty program is a way to engage the community and various skills sets, in exchange for VIEW tokens. Anyone can add value, even a non-technical person.

How many View tokens will exist in total?

100 million. 10% of which will be be sold in a pre-sale for 4,000 ETH.