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A bug [1] [2] in the Parity Multisig Wallet has been exploited today. As a result, all users of the Parity Multisig contracts have lost access to their funds. Unfortunately we have been affected by this exploit.

How does this affect Viewly?

We have had about 13 of our Pre-ICO funds in a Parity Multisig Wallet. 1,399 ETH held in the affected wallet are now inaccessible.

ParityTech is working on the situation and will provide updates when available.

What does this mean for Viewly?

We have remaining funds on multiple exchanges and crypto holdings. As such we have sufficient funds remaining for the execution of our ICO and product development plans.

Going Forward

We feel it important to keep you in-the-loop for any developments and incidents we face. Rest assured, we are working non-stop to address the issue and if there are new developments, we will keep you informed.